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Published by in Trips · 6 October 2019
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On October 2nd, 2019, I left my workplace in Hickory NC and departed to Cherokee North Carolina.
Here is my FB post for that day.

Wow! My first day of semi-retirement was "interesting."
Worked a few hours getting personal stuff removed from my business (after working all night 'til 3 AM). Then started to hitch up my RV and ran into a glitch. The Antisway bars were designed for Hercules or his son to install. Fortunately Michael and Regina from work saw my dilemma and helped me wrestle them on. Did I mention it was 98 degrees in Hickory today!
So I said goodbye to 46 years of work and I then I took the RV to a car wash and I cleaned it. Drove 3 hrs to Cherokee NC which was uneventful but it was climbing in altitude and so was my gas bill! (I am now thinking I may need a more powerful tow vehicle).
Oh, when I stopped at a rest area I opened my RV I saw that all of my glasses had fallen out of the cabinet. Being the smart old lad that I am, I had only loaded plastic glasses so nothing broke but it did tell me that I had to install baby proof type locks on these cabinets doors.
So I get to Cherokee which has a Harrah's casino and I call them to verify that they will allow me to boondock in their employee's parking lot while I gamble and they said NO! (previously they said I could). It was due to due to construction they said.
 Now it is 5 PM and there are no other boondocking locations in the area except I remembered there was a state park about 15 minutes outside of town. So I stop and get gas and coffee in town and while I am paying a man says to me "do I need help?" So I ask him why he said that and he points to my Hercules Antisway bar which is now coming off and touching the road!! So we go out and we figure out that I had forgotten to insert all 4 cotter pins in the bars!! Wow, that 10 minute class the RV dealer gave me while it was raining back in February just didn't do t for me I guess!
Ok I am missing 1 cotter pin so I MacGiver a solution from a few tie wraps and get everything back in order. Phew, close call. That Hercules antisway bar was expensive so it is good I did not wreck it.
Meanwhile that same man says to me that if I needed a place to stay that night his ex-wife owns an RV park a few miles down the road so I ask him how much and he says $25/night. So although I had planned to boondock for free it was getting dark and my options were limited so I went there. It turned out that it was a nice little RV park and I got a nice spot on a creek/river.
Got full hookup. I was going to go to the casino and lose some money and have a few beers and a steak dinner to celebrate my retirement but I decided to take the night off and have a sandwich and a beer here at the creek instead. I'll hit the casino tomorrow night when I am less tired and can better muster my casino winning strategies.
By the way, earlier in the day when I was washing my RV I saw a homeless man sitting smoking a cigarette. I went over to him and told him to take this $5 bill I was giving him and get some lunch but he was not to buy any cigarettes with the money. He took the money of course and said thank you and that he was suffering from emphysema. I told him to go cold turkey like I did 42 years ago and that it was never too late to stop.
The man that helped me later that day in identifying my broken Hercules Sway bar and who then also led me to the campground, was my payback, I suppose for doing a good deed for the homeless man. Maybe he was an angel.
I got back 2x of what I gave. So from now on I am going to try to help someone everyday because with this adventure I have now embarked upon I seem to need double the help every day! Try it yourself and see what happens. We are never too old to learn, are we? OK, tomorrow is day #2 of retirement!

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